Mark VI

For some time I had contemplated whether it would be possible to develop a camera that housed a shutter mechanism directly linked to the level of ambient light. Dubbed the Mark VI Dark Activated Shutter (DAS) Time-Lapse Pinhole Camera, a light dependent resistor (LDR) releases the shutter instead of relying on a clock mechanism. In other words the shutter is triggered by a pre-determined light lux level, to both open and close. To help build the first version of this more complicated mechanism I was fortunate enough to be introduced via the Flickr community to an amazing photographer/ inventor who drew up an electronic schematic and later built the circuit which controlled the shutter.  This first incarnation was developed in 2013 and since then the camera has gone through numerous changes/ refinements, culminating in the latest edition, the Mark VI.3c DAS Time-Lapse Pinhole Camera.

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