Time-Lapse Pinhole Cameras

I’ve been interested in nocturnal and low-light photography for many years. Whether it be a landscape bathed in moonlight or a cityscape punctuated by car headlight streaks, I find myself continually moved by a world covered in darkness. This ongoing fascination led me to begin developing homemade time-lapse pinhole cameras around the end of 2008 with an aim to discover if it were possible to capture the night with a few rudimentary materials.

Click on one of the images below to see/read a more detailed description of each version.

Mark VI 'Dark Activated Shutter' Time-Lapse Pinhole CameraMark V Time-Lapse Pinhole CameraMark IV Time-Lapse Pinhole CameraMark III Time-Lapse Pinhole CameraMark II Time-Lapse Pinhole CameraMark I Time-Lapse Pinhole Camera

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