Works/ Projects

Below is a selection of art projects, photographic series and other works from the past few years. Click on one of the images to see/read more about each project.

Big Bar Lake Ranch, 2011- Sciaroidea Galaxias, 2021A Baker's Dozen, 2020Blue Streak, 2018Fold Me To The Moon Rocket#3, 2017Untitled (47 Rockets), 2016-1821 Arcs, 2017Sawney Supermoon, 2015Lost Moon, 2015The Only Thing Most People Know Is The Moon, 2014-Solar Lunar-See, 2014Burghley Lunar-See, 2013A Month of Nights, Derby, 2011A New Horizon, 2011Time-Lapse Pinhole CamerasA Month of Nights, 2009

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