The Only Thing Most People Know is The Moon, 2014-15

This body of work attempts to examine mankind’s enduring love affair with the moon. Encompassing various elements, including both new works and previous pieces appropriated and re-worked into new incarnations, this project studies the moon by capturing and presenting its rhythms, movement and cycle using photography and sculpture.

Our nearest celestial neighbour is laden with myth and legend, provoking a universal fascination throughout history. With an abundance of natural rare resources this fascination is due to turn into exploitation in the not too distant future, with many nations rushing ahead with their respective lunar tourism programmes, and lunar mining operations nearing reality. Mine however, is an appreciation of the beauty of our lunar cousin from afar.

The Only Thing Most People Know Is The Moon incorporates slices of imagery from Burghley Lunar-See (2013) and several components from my Mark IV Time-Lapse Pinhole Cameras, from the shutter and clock mechanism to the nestbox housing itself. It also includes two pieces which have been designed to resemble miniature 19th Century arc lamp lighting towers. Constructed from wood, Moonlight Tower (Square) 2014 and Moonlight Tower (Triangle) 2014 each stand roughly 2 metres tall, and are topped with low lux light-boxes. Mimicking the various appearances of the moon at any given time, all but two of these light-boxes slowly wax and wane on a 24 hour cycle, with a simple adaptation of my shutter mechanisms. While the other two light-boxes remain lit at all times, one blue, one red.

Another piece in this small body of work is a table-top sized sculpture made from black card. The Moon Is Mine, 2014 resembles CCTV cameras stacked one on top of the other, however the camera’s lenses have been replaced by an illuminated image of the moon as it crosses the night sky.


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