Solar Lunar-See, 2014 (text)

Around mid 2013 I started thinking about alternative ways of showing my photographs, and also how to exhibit the unseen aspects of my work. Photographs are only one part of my practice, I spend a great deal of time designing and making time-lapse mechanisms, cameras and nestboxes, and calculating correct exposure times. I don’t think of myself as a sculptor but a photographer who likes to use his hands, with that in mind I decided to find some way to utilise the ever increasing pile of redundant nestbox and time-lapse mechanisms building up in my studio.

In the work Solar Lunar-See I have converted 6 of my Mark IV Time-Lapse Pinhole Cameras, which were originally installed in the public gardens at Burghley House, taking nocturnal photographs over 6 months, into mini lunar light-boxes. Each box now illuminating a photograph from the series Burghley Lunar-See (2013) that it once helped create.

To complete the cyclical feeling of this project I showed Solar Lunar-See in the exhibition ‘Elemental’ at Burghley Sculpture Garden between May and October 2014. Powered by solar panels, the lunar light-boxes allowed visitors to the exhibition to peak at unfamiliar moonlit versions of their own surroundings. Attached to a single tree at various viewing heights, I installed Solar Lunar-See in a small cluster, loosely resembling a ring of security cameras.

As in nature, the sun helped to reveal the moon.

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