A New Horizon, 2011

Around July 2010 I was approached and commissioned by University College London Hospital to document the construction of their new Cancer Centre in Huntley Street (London) over the duration of the building work. Eventually, after a period of access negotiation, I distributed a set of homemade film canister pinhole cameras throughout the site and on neighbouring buildings during week 47 of the build. At that stage the new building constituted only the groundwork and footings and a partial scaffold-laden wall on one side. The cameras were then left ‘open’ exposing all day, every day (24 hours a day), some until week 70, others until week 103 of the 110 week construction project. By week 70 the site was beginning to resemble an actual building with walls, floors and a roof, although without windows and glass. The daily path of the sun gives a clue to the length of the time represented by the resulting photographs in A New Horizon, although the majority of the hustle and bustle of city life is absent.

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