The Stars Look So Different Tonight

Group exhibition at Fotogalerie Wien (Vienna) January 29 – March 2, 2019

I was invited to take part in this group exhibition by the Association for the Promotion of Art Photography and New Media on the subject of wonderment and humananity’s thirst for knowledge. Included in the show were five artists from Austria, Hong Kong, Germany and the UK, who all used the language of science and investigation to take a fresh look at the familiar.

My contribution to the exhibition was a selection of my moon-related works under the title The Eighth Continent. This included the photomontage piece 21 Arcs (from 2017), two pieces from the Supermoons series, Svalinn Supermoon (2016) and Sawney Supermoon (2015), two pieces from the Fold Me To The Moon sculpture series, Fold Me To The Moon Rocket #5 and Fold Me To The Moon Rocket #6 (both 2019) and a few components from another sculptural piece Untitled (47 Rockets) (2016-2018).

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