The Moon, Is The Only Light We’ll See, 2018

The Moon plays an important role in regulating the nocturnal behaviours of animals and plants and increased night-time light pollution threatens this delicate balance, disrupting natural circadian rhythms and inducing widespread “jet-lag”.

The installation The Moon, Is The Only Light We’ll See is a cluster of interconnected wooden bird box sculptures, designed to disorientate and confuse. It was made in response to a short residency (In Search Of Darkness) at Grizedale in the Lake District, where I joined other artist members of the Lumen collective. Exhibited in the Grizedale Visitor Centre Project Space, the resulting group show aimed to highlight the importance of preserving dark sky areas.

In one bird box, a photograph of the Moon swings in and out of view while in another a nocturnal scene glows overly bright. The sculptures make use of a twilight switch, a device found in streetlights to facilitate auto-illumination and consequently a key contributor to sky glow. By re-purposing this switch the intention is to create an out of sync and slightly uncomfortable viewing experience.

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