Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography, October – November 2021

The following presentation is a virtual exhibition of work to accompany my contribution to the ninth OFFO Festival in Poland. This is in fact the second time I’ve been involved with OFFO, having exhibited in both a group exhibition with the London Alternative Photography Collective (LAPC) and in a solo show in the 2019 edition.

for more information on the Festival visit the website.

The Seven Lunar Seas/ Seven Cariboo Suns, 2021

For many, ‘sailing the seven seas’ conjures up romantic images of endless horizons, adventure, pirates and heroism. The phrase has been seen and heard in books, on screen, in song and in folklore through the ages. Constantly changing, depending on political, social and economic factors, every culture has developed their own version, their unique ‘seven seas’.

The Seven Lunar Seas series continues this tradition and in keeping with the ever-fluctuating definition, presents us with an entirely new set of waterways. Common to all is the presence of our nearest celestial neighbour, captured in motion, traversing the night sky. In some cases, she leaves a trace of light not only in the heavens but on the watery world below.

The photographs in the series are arranged to follow an east to west sequence, replicating the trajectory of the Moon.

The companion series, Seven Cariboo Suns is an edited selection of photographs from the series Big Bar Lake Ranch (Revisited), an ongoing body of work documenting the crumbling remains of an abandoned lakeside guest ranch in the rural Cariboo region of British Columbia, Canada.

These two series are being shown side by side for the first time, as a set of 7 diptychs, with a Moon (Lunar) photograph on the left and a Sun (Solar) photograph on the right. Presenting the photographs in this way follows the ancient yogi and Tao tradition of every human being having both a Lunar and Solar or feminine and masculine side.

All photographs were made with exposures of at least 6 hours and depict the Moon and Sun traversing the heavens, leaving a trace of light as they go. The images represent reality beyond human vision and are only made possible through the harnessing of time.